Discover Side Turkey Attractions: The 23 Most Attractive Spots

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Discover Side: The 23 Most Attractive Spots

Nestled in Antalya, Side is a premier tourist destination that captivates visitors with its rich history and stunning landscapes. This guide unveils the top 23 attractions in and around Side, promising an unforgettable journey through time and beauty.

Side’s Heart: The Ancient City

Side Turkey Attractions, a gem of Antalya, is renowned for its ancient city on a peninsula, a testament to a glorious past. Once a major port, Side’s name, meaning “Pomegranate,” symbolizes prosperity. The ruins, including the grand Side Ancient City, demand exploration, offering a glimpse into a bygone era.

Temples of Apollo and Athena

The Temple of Apollo stands as Side’s iconic landmark, with remnants that awe visitors. Nearby, the Temple of Athena, though less preserved, shares this sacred ground, highlighting Side’s rich mythological heritage.

Side Theater

This paid attraction within the ancient city showcases Roman architectural brilliance. With a capacity of 17,000, it’s Pamphylia’s largest theater, hinting at a history of gladiatorial and animal fights.

Side Museum

Housed in the ancient baths, the museum displays artifacts from Side’s excavations, narrating the city’s splendid history. It’s a must-visit for a deeper understanding of Side’s cultural legacy.

Side Harbor

The picturesque harbor, once the lifeline of Side’s trade, now offers leisurely boat tours and dining options, making it a perfect spot for sunset views.

Side Underwater Museum

A unique attraction, this underwater museum showcases sculptures that dive into Turkey’s history, offering a remarkable experience for diving enthusiasts.

Beaches of Side

Side Beach and the larger East Beach promise golden sands and serene waters, ideal for families and sun-seekers alike. Side Turkey Attractions

Beyond Side: Nearby Attractions

Manavgat Waterfall

This wide, majestic waterfall on the Manavgat River is a natural wonder, offering a tranquil escape and a photographer’s paradise.

Manavgat City Museum

Opened in 2018, this museum delves into the local culture and history, featuring ethnographic collections that illuminate the region’s past.

Manavgat River and Cleopatra Beach

The meeting point of fresh and saltwater, this area is famous for its unique swimming experience and boat tours, offering a blend of natural beauty and recreational fun.

Upside Down House

A quirky and fun destination, this house challenges gravity and provides a unique photo opportunity for visitors of all ages.


Close to Manavgat, this lake offers a peaceful retreat with its calm waters and is surrounded by luxury hotels, catering to those seeking relaxation and nature.

This guide to Side and its surroundings invites travelers to explore the rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty that this region offers. Whether it’s wandering through ancient ruins, enjoying the scenic beaches, or discovering local museums, Side promises an enriching experience for every visitor.

14. Seleucia (Lybre)

The ancient city of Seleucia, also known as Lybre, is a hidden gem nestled in the mountains. Its ruins, including a basilica, agora, and necropolis, offer a serene escape into nature and history.

15. Aspendos Theatre

One of the best-preserved ancient theatres in the world, Aspendos boasts a capacity of up to 15,000 spectators. Its stunning architecture and acoustics make it a popular venue for concerts and festivals.

16. Aspendos Aqueduct

A marvel of ancient engineering, the Aspendos Aqueduct supplied water to the city and its theatre. Its remnants stand as a testament to the Roman era’s architectural prowess.

17. Koprulu Canyon National Park

This national park offers breathtaking views, thrilling rafting experiences on the Kopru River, and the chance to explore the rich flora and fauna of the region.

18. Oymapinar Dam

Surrounded by the Taurus Mountains, the Oymapinar Dam creates a stunning reservoir, ideal for fishing, picnicking, and boat tours to explore its tranquil waters and scenic beauty.

19. Green Canyon

Offering a peaceful retreat into nature, the Green Canyon mesmerizes with its emerald waters and towering cliffs. Boat tours provide a serene way to enjoy the canyon’s majestic landscape.

20. Alarahan Caravanserai

This well-preserved caravanserai, dating back to the Seljuk era, served as a rest stop for traders and travelers along the Silk Road. Its architecture reflects the rich history of the region.

21. Sorgun Forest

A haven for nature lovers, Sorgun Forest is perfect for hiking, bird watching, and immersing oneself in the tranquility of the pine-scented air and the sound of the Mediterranean Sea.

22. Ancient City of Perge

Perge’s ancient ruins, including a grand Roman theatre, stadium, and baths, offer a glimpse into the city’s past as a major center of commerce and culture in Pamphylia.

23. Antalya Museum / Side Turkey Attractions

Though not in Side, the Antalya Museum is worth the trip for its extensive collection of artifacts from the region’s many archaeological sites, providing a comprehensive overview of Anatolia’s history.

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